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After so many things, I know it is different now. Sometimes in life, we can’t just turn the clock around and say we yearn for going back to the beginning because things that already happened will be rooted here. That’s so true right. At times people always say “Neng ren jiu ren” it can peace the world but I guess it’s just bullshit because people might take you for granted. Happy go lucky people will be seen as “No feelings creatures” I just wanna say this. Different people have different way in handling things, feelings etc. Can’t possibly we judge them by this that this that or wanting them to go according to your way. There is no identical fingerprint in the world!

I will NEVER forget =(

Holiday camp have started since yesterday and today was the first work day for oli! haha. So far camp was still ok. quite fun because Da wu lao shi can always handle the situation so well. Nursery kids are the cutest but always the troublemakers! One of my kid stripped naked while i was teaching and he refused to wear his clothes back. Took one of his picture because it was so hilarous seeing him running and crawling here and there imitating LION? lol. Thomas has been giving me piles and piles of worksheets to scan! ARGHhhhh. That's quite frustrating! alright off to my bed now. Bye ppls

(The same old you. Respect is all i need)

Munching on yummy CoCo Crunch now and my mouth just wouldn't stop. Have to brush my teeth for second round =S

Tomorrow will be the last day of this term for Montessori little children. 27th to 29th will be parents/teachers conferences and thomas said i have to be there too. Thought i would have the chance to slack at home! Dream on man haha.

Almost half of my kids will be traveling during this June holiday and that means my WORKLOAD=LESSER? Depend what admin stuffs i gonna do first.

Weekend wasn't really well spent this time round but well, can't expect everything to always move on smoothly. I shall treat that as cute arguments haha. New international students coming up soon. 6th of June and it's at pandan valley. I don't mind accepting it though it's on Sat but who doesnt want to have extra income? haha.

Great Singapore Sales is here soonnnn. 29th! Why do i get so hyped up? No $$$$ = No Clothes =( Wanna get a new phone asap. Technical part isn't that important as long as i'm able to watch movies. My travelling time is too much and i'm sick of listening to mp3. Songs repeating and repeating over and over again. arghh. I want to complete all movies in my hardisk! It's gonna rot soon!

OK goodnight ppls. goodnight BQ =)

Sunday, a relaxing day for us. Went JP to shop. Din manage to see stuffs that i fancy but came across a really cool thing (Live Drum!) I can see SPARKS in someone's eyes! hahaha. Hmmm. As long as you like it, nothing else matters =) Oh ya, I wanna blog about this. I WANT TO SANITIZE MY EYES! Saw a f pervert, stalker's PENIS and i was in the same lift with him. Couldn't do anything and all i want was to get out of the lift as soon as possible. Pictures of him, the way he looked at me, sound of the masturbation and his moaning still occur in my brain. damn it! ok, i shall not talk about it anymore. And you, go to bed right now. Don't worry cause i'm already safe at home. Curse him all you want tomorrow ok. For now just sleep. Goodnight Silly =)) Miss You

A spur of words but the feeling wasn't that good

5.25a.m now and i woke up for no reason. Brain cells is f alert. damn it. Shoulder muscles ache too. Can't think of anything to do right now that's why i enter here. Pathetic. Hmmm.. Counting down to the record. It's 26 gonna be 27 soon. =)) Went Perankan restaurant last night. My first time ever and i'm sure it wouldn't be the last because the food there are really not bad. YUMMY! Thank for your recommendation! I dont know what else to blog. get back to my bed now. Bye

Feel so great now! Just finished my shower under the hot water. wohoo! I'm not sleepy at all just exhausted. Lower back is killing me argh. I should admit i'm old already haha. Dlb O music was not that nice tonight. Retro killed us. R&b was kinda boring too. But at least we still enjoyed bit and pieces of funny moments =)) As usual we could always see "weird and pervert guys" Please, you guys are not that desperate right. But girls who entertain them back are aren't any better too.
Seriously i'm so reluctant to do housework later. Scrubbing kitchen tiles is a killer =( Ok, i better get on to my bed. It's gonna rain soon i guess. Thunder roar is here!

Weird feeling